wish you the best with the second printing of the book. All of my friends and colleagues here in London on the Dow Jones Newswires Energy Desk love your paintings!”

Leia Parker
Managing Editor
EMEA Energy & Commodities
Dow Jones Newswires

“By painting derricks in the 1960’s, JoAnn Cowans documented an important history when few if any of her generation thought to do so. With her canvas, paints, and easel (and later, her hard hat), JoAnn captured for posterity “oil Patch” scenes from the nation’s third-largest oil pro ducting state.”

Bruce Wells
Executive Director, American Oil & Gas Historical Society

From “Black Gold the artwork of JoAnn Cowans”

“There is an elegance to the gray tracery of the derricks–and a dignified power. The rolling ground and living fields, rife with colors of the season, are concentrated energy… JoAnn is an accomplished painter. But it takes more than skill to create the sort of brilliance one finds in her works such as Evening, Brea Canyon or her masterpiece, City of Light.”

Marla Lombard
Formerly with Old Master Paintings,
Assistant Vice President
Christie’s Fine Art Auctioneers, New York, NY

From “Black Gold the artwork of JoAnn Cowans”