Custom Gallery and Mural* Giclée Print on Canvas

Below are photos of my first Custom Gallery and Mural* Giclée Print on Canvas.  They were taken at the frame shop that did the stretching. This Giclée is 75” tall and 56” wide. It is the first I’ve done larger than the 40 x 70” City of Night and a perfect focal point for the Brea Museum. This image has long been identified with Brea and was placed on the trail signs of the Brea Olinda Oil Museum.

Most of my images are available in these custom sizes. This print of Derricks After the Rain” will be installed  in the Brea Museum and Historical Society’s large meeting and events room.

For more information:

“Derricks After the Rain” to be installed for Brea’s annual old fashioned Fourth of July Celebration and Open House